SOGA-Smart Ⅰ

SOGA-Smart Ⅰ

Perfect solution to periodontal ligament injections

One-touch operation of injection and suction back

Digital intelligent touch sensing subverts traditional touch design.

SOGA-Smart Ⅰ

High precision and gold standard

Real-time digital display of dosage, using the high-end sensors, Accurately calculate the amount of medicine that has been injected, the accuracy is not less than 0.1ml.


Induction charging free from cable and pedal.

SOGA-Smart Ⅰ


Bring the adjustable soothing music

let patients get a safe treatment experience.


Three injection modes

The injection speed of each mode is automatically adjusted.

Periodontal ligament intelligent pressure real-time digital feedback

SOGA-Smart Ⅰ

Using intelligent pressure sensing technology and AI algorithm, accurately monitor the feedback injection pressure, and adjust the injection pressure to keep within the appropriate range.

SOGA-Smart Ⅰ

Periodontal ligament injection mode (PDL):

According to the monitoring feedback of injection pressure and autonomous machine learning algorithm, it can accurately identify and prompt whether to enter the periodontal ligament area and automatically start the special program for periodontal ligament injection. It can perfectly solve the problems of severe pain, hand fatigue, lack of medication, uncertain location, and so on.

SOGA-Smart Ⅰ

Technical specification

Injection volume: 1.8ml

Comfort mode: 0.67ml/min

PDL mode: 1.0ml/min

Standard mode: 1.5ml/min

Dimensions: 175mm*16mm

Weight: 65g